Solution Cases [case-017] Clean Oven System for Both Fan-Out Wafers and Si Wafers

  • Polymide curing
  • SO2-12-F

Enable one clean oven system to be used for treatments of both Fan-Out wafers and Si wafers

Support Process Polyimide curing
Model Introduced SO2-12-F


Since Fan-Out wafers warp in the manufacturing process of FOWLP, wafer boats and fingers of the transfer robot for Fan-Out wafers differ from those for Si wafers. Therefore transfer system and oven system for Fan-out wafers cannot be used for Si wafers and vice versa.


  • Enable both Fan-Out wafer boat and Si wafer boat to be placed in the same chamber
  • Enable both boats to be transferd with one robot by exchanging the fingers according to the wafer processed
  • Add the sensor to detect which kind of boat is transfered


  • Both Fan-Out wafers and Si wafers can be processed whith one clean oven system.