Solution Cases [case-014] Handling of easily damaged thin wafers

  • Annealing
  • VF-5100

Solves transport problems caused by cracking and chipping of thin wafers

Support Process Annealing
Model Introduced Model VF-5100


Thin wafers are subject to large irregular deformations such as wafer warping and bending. Therefore, when a wafer is transferred between a wafer cassette and a quartz boat for processing by a robot, a wafer exceeding an allowable transfer amount may be damaged due to contact or the like, and stable processing may not be performed.


Changed to a specification that does not transport wafers in the heat treatment equipment. It changed the wafer cassette to quartz and made it possible to transport thin wafer quartz cassettes.


By transporting a thin wafer by a cassette without directly touching the wafer, stable transport is possible without being affected by deformation such as warping or bending of the wafer.