Solution Cases [case-001] Improving the Quality of Process Development

  • Nitride, Oxynitride
  • VF-1000(H)

Eliminating problems in process development by going metal-free

Support Process Nitride・Oxynitride
Model Introduced VF-1000(H)


Metal ion contamination was discovered in a customer-owned experimental facility (vacuum purge-type heat treatment furnace). As a result, the customer encountered problems with process development.


  • We performed a demonstration with our metal-free demonstration equipment and executed a trial run of the new process.
  • We suggested the customer consider the Model VF-1000 with the metal-free spec; the customer purchased the product on our recommendation.


  • The new process was verified and development insights were gained during the demonstration.
  • The customer was able to ship a sample of the purchased furnace, which created an opportunity for sale of the new product.