Structural Analysis

Structural analysis is a tool for reproducing and visualizing deformation, stress and other physical events that occur to objects, on computer. It is primarily used to verify an object’s strength.
Structural analysis can project displacement, stress distribution and other impacts on a diversity of devices by simulating the devise’s conditions of use.

Heat treatment devices that are exposed to a great amount of heat must be structurally analyzed under detailed temperature profiles, therefore those structural analyses are coupled with temperature components obtained by thermal fluid analysis.

Example of structural analysis

S-1. Industrial Heat Treatment Equipment
Stress analysis of heating chamber circulating fan of carburizing furnace, continuous furnace, etc.

Circulating fan

After simulating various improvement proposals, stress was confirmed to be dramatically relaxed!
In-house accelerated tests showed the new fan to last over twice as many years as earlier Koyo fans!

S-2. Electronic Component Manufacturing Equipment
Exhaust Gas Burn-out System
Strength verification of metal sheet under the high pressure of a combustion furnace

Exhaust Gas Burn-out System

* The fan was symmetrically designed, so simulations were done with a 1/2 scale model.

S-3. Scientific Instruments
Vacuum Purge Type Box Furnace
Thermal stress and displacement verification of heating chamber muffler after a change in temperature specifications

(Coupled with thermal flow analysis)

Vacuum Purge Type Box Furnace Vacuum Purge Type Box Furnace