Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics are an analytical tool for reproducing and visualizing thermal migrations, fluid flows and other real-world phenomena on computer.
This research method makes it possible to quantitatively simulate and assess flow velocity distributions, thermal profiles of treated products and concentration uniformity of introduced gases under high temperatures and otherwise dangerous conditions that place restrictions on physical experiments.

Nevertheless, like all other fields of analysis, computational fluid dynamics contain some degree of error.
Therefore, at Koyo Thermo Systems, we do everything thinkable to enhance the accuracy of our analyses, including to verify the appropriateness of test conditions via comparisons against empirical results.


F-1. Industrial Heat Treatment Equipment
KCF Carburizing Furnace
Flow velocity and temperature distributions inside a furnace chamber

Industrial Heat Treatment Equipment

F-2. FPD and Film Manufacturing
Clean Oven, Single Substrate Transfer CCBS
Thermal profile of treated products

FPD and Film Manufacturing

F-3. Semiconductor Equipment
Mass-Production/Experimental Horizontal Furnace
Surface temperatures of gas exhaust box

Semiconductor Equipment