We manufacture leading-edge heat treatment systems for producing power semiconductors, silicon and compound semiconductors, solar batteries, organic EL (OLED), polyimide, MEMS and VCSEL. Our product lineup covers heat treatments at low-temperature range–1850°C.

SiC Power Semiconductor Equipment

A system specially designed for SiC power semiconductor heat treatment.

Applications : Semiconductor, SiC Power Semiconductor

Horizontal Furnace

Capable of vertically stacking up to 4 horizontal processing tubes. A general-purpose system that can utilize the installation area effectively.

Applications : Semiconductor, PV (Photovoltaic)

Vertical Furnace

Our flagship product. A broad lineup that ranges from experimental applications up to mass production with excellent temperature distribution and atmosphere control.

Applications : Semiconductor, SiC Power Semiconductor, MEMS, VCSEL, PV (Photovoltaic), FPD

Lamp Annealing System

A single wafer system that enables excellent in-plane temperature uniformity. Automatic or manual finger selection is possible.

Applications : Semiconductor, SiC Power Semiconductor

Clean Oven Systems

An optimal convection heating system for polyimide post-processing (back end process) and resist curing.

Applications : Semiconductor, FPD

Large Bore Vertical Furnace

A large bore vertical furnace for semiconductors. Super clean processing for FPD applications is possible.

Applications : PV (Photovoltaic), FPD

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