Scientific Instruments

Compact electric furnace for experiments and developments to enable rich product lineup

The heat treatment process continues to improve along with evolution of materials and technologies.
Our experience, know-how and improvement technologies, which are cultivated in the manufacture of mass production equipment, are continuously developing as our unique and precious backbone, and are applied to our new products.
Within such a backbone, our compact electric furnaces and laboratory ovens have been newly conceived through considering various needs.
There is a wide variety of equipment in the lineup, ranging from standard to customized. Here we provide technologies that contribute to the future of the heat treatment process.

  • Box Furnace KBF series

    Box Furnace KBF series

    Solid support for a wide range of tests.

  • Tube Furnace KTF series

    Tube Furnace KTF series

    Standard type of solid cost-performance.

  • Desk top Lamp System DTL-6

    Desk top Lamp System DTL-6

    The rapid heating device that enables low-temperature range processing

  • Inert Gas Oven KLO-30NH

    Inert Gas Oven KLO-30NH

    Capable of various gases introduced R & D type.

  • Floor Setting Type Box Furnace MB series

    Floor Setting Type Box Furnace MB series

    Shortens atmosphere replacement time by using a vacuum purge.

  • Small Type Conveyor Furnace 810 series

    Small Type Conveyor Furnace 810 series

    Continuous furnaces for research and development provide drying and firing processes

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