Mesh Belt Type Continuous Furnace Hydrogen Type

These mesh belt continuous type furnaces are intended for brazing of various metals, glass sealing, and other reducing atmosphere treatments.

The hydrogen atmosphere system equipped with safety mechanism is easy to use.

In addition to brazing, reflow, metallizing, and glass sealing in a hydrogen (reducing) atmosphere, these furnaces can also be used for bright treatments.


  • Supports hydrogen gas atmosphere treatment.
  • Equipped with a safety circuit for the hydrogen gas.
  • Equipped with an igniter that combusts the hydrogen in the exhaust gas.
  • Two types are available: a flat transport type (good transport performance) and an inclined transport type (good atmosphere stability inside the furnace).
  • Equipment will be produced after you select the type which suits your purpose.


Max. operating temperature 1150°C
Transport system Mesh belt transport
Heating chamber Heat-resistant steel muffle
Supported belt widths (mm) 150 to 800
Supported atmospheres N2+H2 (wet/dry)
Applications Brazing, solder reflow, metallizing, glass sealing, metal annealing, bright treatments