Electronic Component
Manufacturing Equipment

Continuous furnace and oven with superior heat uniformity treatment and atmosphere forming that contribute to manufacturing of electronic components

In the field of electronic R&D equipment, we have released numerous products for every kind of need from large production systems to electric compact furnaces and ovens, made with a vast repertoire of technologies and know-how that we’ve accumulated since our founding. We deliver excellent heat response, accurate temperature profiles , energy conservation and detailed customization, plus we condense maintenance, safety and other aspects of the daily production floor into our products. As devices continue towards higher density and higher sophistication, the heat technology that will contribute to that future is right here.

  • Mesh Belt Type Continuous Furnace

    Mesh Belt Type Continuous Furnace

    Strengthened environmental support.
    Applications : Thick-film firing (conductor pastes, resistor pastes and dielectric pastes), glass sealing, metal annealing

  • Atmospheric oven UTO series

    Atmospheric oven UTO series

    Uniform temperature distribution by adopting Heated-air circulating system.
    Applications : Heat treatment of metal, heat test of polymer materials

  • Ceramic Conveyor Type Continuous Furnace

    Ceramic Conveyor Type Continuous Furnace

    Adopts ceramic chains of high heat resistance and wear resistance.
    Applications : Glazing, capacitor firing, thermistor firing, ceramic capacitor firing, ferrite core firing

  • High-temperature Clean Oven CLH series

    High-temperature Clean Oven CLH series

    Enables high temperature baking thanks to a high performance heat resistant filter and original cooler.
    Applications : Polyimide curing of wafer and glass substrate, drying, annealing

  • Continuous Type Oven

    Continuous Type Oven

    Continuous type oven, with Heated-air circulating system. Customers could select transfer types and flow directions, responding to their applications. Clean (atmospheric) and low oxygen atmosphere is also available.
    Applications : Resin Curing, Various Drying Processes, Annealing

  • Inert Gas Oven INH series

    Inert Gas Oven INH series

    Production type with gas injection support.
    Applications : Debinding ceramic parts, annealing metallic materials, drying various materials

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