Company Philosophy

Corporate Objectives

Contribute to society through heat treatment technology.


    Contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by continuing to evolve as an expert in heat treatment technology.

Management Stance

  • Create new value and provide society with joy and inspiration on a broad scale.
  • Aim for growth in harmony with society through innovative operations on a global basis.
  • Create a bright, energetic corporate atmosphere based on respect for people.
  • Strive toward the realization of safer, more abundant living circumstances.

Corporate Code of Conduct

  • We engage in fair, transparent and free competition and trade appropriately in a law abiding spirit.
  • Inspired by the market, we provide quality, technology and services of the highest order to achieve client satisfaction and trust.
  • Corporations have a duty to work on solving global environmental issues. We are keenly aware of the importance of this duty, and work to fulfill it voluntarily and actively.
  • We respect the character and individuality of our employees, creating pleasant workplaces that value employee potential and bring out the best in each.
  • We disclose Company information fairly, ensuring adequate communication with shareholders and the community.
  • We practice good corporate citizenship through active participation in CSR activities.
  • We respect international regulations and the laws, cultures and customs of countries and regions around the world, helping them to flourish.