Greetings from the President

Koyo Thermo Systems celebrated its 50th year in July 2017, and I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all our clients and stakeholders for their assistance and support.

It has always been our mission to manufacture products that help enrich the lives of consumers and make the modern world a better place. Grounded in our core portfolio of thermal process technologies, we provide equipment and services beloved by users around the world. Our technologies and equipment are responsible for items ranging from metals to products such as semiconductors, electronic parts and flat panel displays (FPDs). They have been able to play a small but significant role in the technology development and mass production behind several of the world’s most advanced products. This achievement gives me great satisfaction, and I feel greatly indebted to the clients and stakeholders who have helped make it possible.

‘Join Us Next Creation’ is the new slogan we have created to mark our 50th anniversary. ‘Join Us’ evokes the collaborative efforts we have made with our clients over the years to help create a succession of new products. ‘Next Creation’ is a reference to our passion for creating new value from next-generation technologies, as we usher in a new era with the aid of our clients.

The world will experience major changes in the coming years as new products and technologies appear and attitudes evolve, so our approach will need to adapt to these changes. It is no longer enough to simply be a provider of physical products satisfying client needs—we also need to become a facilitator of the manufacturing activities that clients are seeking to accomplish.

We are committed to creating value driven by our core portfolio of thermal process technologies while earning the continued trust and reliance of clients worldwide.
Thank you for your continued support.

Masayuki Kitamura

Masayuki Kitamura, President