Demonstration Facilities

Demonstration Equipment

We have experimentation rooms specifically for demonstrations from low to high temperatures and from batch type to continuous type. We utilize our many years of experience and results in manufacturing equipment for heat treatment production in the field of metallic materials, semiconductor production, FPD equipment, electronic component manufacturing and others in order to respond to heating requests from our customers in various fields. Please provide us with the details of your requests such as the processing method, temperature conditions and the like and we will select the equipment that suits the purpose of the processing.
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Semiconductor manufacturing system area

Experimental laboratories with installed semiconductor manufacturing equipment are designed as Class 10 cleanrooms.

Solar cell manufacturing system area

Demonstration Equipment Example

Field Model Process Wafer size Temperature
Semiconductor VF-1000H Activated annealing, High temperature H2 annealing Up to φ150mm 800 to 1800℃
VF-5300H Annealing, Oxidation (Dry, Pyrogenic) Up to φ200mm 700 to 1350℃
VF-5100LP LP-CVD(Poly-Si, Si3N4, TEOS, HTO) Up to φ200mm 600 to 850℃
VF-3000 Annealing, Oxidation (Dry, Wet (Bubbling)) Up to φ200mm 200 to 1100℃
VF-1000 Annealing, Oxidation (Dry, Wet (Bubbling), Pyrogenic) Up to φ300mm 200 to 1100℃
VF-5700B Low temperature annealing, PIQ Up to φ300mm 200 to 750℃
RLA-1208-V Annealing, Oxidation (Dry) Up to φ200mm 600 to 1200℃
PV (Photovoltaic) 206A-M100 Annealing, POCl3 156x156mm 400 to 1100℃
206A-M400 Annealing, Oxidation (Dry, Wet (Bubbling)), POCl3, BBr3 156x156mm 400 to 1100℃
Organic EL VFS-4000 Annealing, PIQ 730×920mm 100 to 600℃


We have a demonstration room exclusively for client use. It helps clients make decisions about new equipment purchases. Our equipment demonstration system lets you perform advance testing, performance evaluations and other types of demonstrations. Simply request a demonstration by providing us with information about your workpiece, processing conditions and other details, and we will select the equipment matching your processing objective and arrange a schedule.

* Note that use of the demonstration room is generally only permitted for clients considering an equipment purchase. No equipment demonstrations for other purposes are permitted. Use as rental equipment is not permitted.

Number of equipment demonstrations in 2019

Semiconductor-related demonstrations: 120 (72 for Japanese manufacturers, 48 for foreign manufacturers)

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